Fierce Athletics and Training is a newly established Cheerleading Institution. We offer multiple classes catered to different age groups starting at any level. Whether you have never cheered or are looking to brush up skills for a tryout, we have the perfect class! Our mission is to not just make you a better cheerleader, but a leader poised and ready to take on the world.


About the Family

Lorenzo Araujo – Co-Owner and Coach

Coach Zo, as everyone calls him, has been a part of the Cheer World for almost 7 years now.  Starting his cheer career at his undergraduate alma mater Bethany College; it is there where Coach developed a passion for the sport.  His time at Bethany College led to a lot of great accomplishments but his most revered accomplishment was being apart of the 2010 COA National Championship winning team. 

     After graduating Bethany College with a degree in Business Management; Coach Zo went up the road to Kansas Wesleyan University to receive his M.B.A. in Business Administration and develop his skills as a cheerleader.   It is during this time, that Coach Zo also began investing time to develop his skills as a coach.  Starting off as spotter for the YMCA Gymnastics team the GemStars, Coach Zo learned a lot of insight into the proper technique and form needed to learn tumbling.  With a lot of hard work and PERSEVERANCE Coach Zo was then promoted to gymnastics coach.  Here Zo learned and develop skill development program for all four events.  This new found responsibility allowed Coach Zo to develop his coaching style and message. 

     In the middle of his Graduate work Coach Zo was given an amazing opportunity to conceptualize and lead an All-Star Gym in North Central KS.  With no plan in sight and just a strong love for the sport; Coach Zo along with Bridgette Crosson came up with Cheer Fire.  An All-Star gym that allowed athletes to take cheer further than what their high school teams would allow.  Do more than just shake their poms and cheer on someone else.  Cheer Fire gave athletes a place to develop their skills, their talents, and their minds to achieve a common goal.  At Cheer Fire Coach Zo was the Head Coach for the WildFires team; a group of Middle School to High School athletes that competed in the level 4.2 division.  With the founding of Cheer Fire, Coach Zo developed SUCCESSFUL practice regimens, conditioning EXERCISES and stunting techniques that are still implemented today. 

     With Cheer Fire off the ground and running, Coach Zo was awarded a whole new opportunity.  Head Cheer and Dance Coach of Kansas Wesleyan University.  Knowing that his one goal is to spread love for the sport of Cheer and Dance to entire world; Coach Zo could not pass up this opportunity to Coach at the Collegiate level.   In his first season as Cheer & Dance Coach; He was fortunate enough to have super-dedicated teams who motivated themselves and pushed themselves to winning both the Cheer & Dance Conference Championships. 

     In December of 2014, Bridgette Crosson stepped away from the All-Star world and blessed Coach Zo with an amazing opportunity, Take Over Cheer Fire and continue the progress.  It was an offer that could not be refused and after a few months of planning and painting on May 31st 2015 they were proud to unleash the grand opening of Fierce Athletics & Training.  A cheerleading institution dedicated to developing athletes physically, mentally, and emotionally!