Our Mission

Fierce strives to provide a safe space to drive competitive excellence, equip, and enrich young athletes in a challenging and rewarding atmosphere by building a culture of success in a family setting. We train and launch prepared youth into the real world and believe that cheerleading is just an avenue.


About our team members


Tina Butts – Coach

Tina Butts cheered for 3 years in high school and 4 years at Kansas Wesleyan on the competitive cheer team where, she competed as a base, a flyer and gained her tumbling skills up to and including her running layout. She's been associated with Fierce Athletics for 4 years. She is excited to start coaching you as a way to show her love for cheer and to teach in a different setting.

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Dustin – Program Director

Born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Dustin began tumbling and cheering at a young age and quickly grew to find passion and a place of inclusiveness through cheerleading. During high school, Dustin commuted 2 hours from home 3 times a week to continue his cheer career, eventually relocating his senior year to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After graduating from Owasso Highschool and finishing his athletic career as a Twist and Shout Diamond, he began working for Twist and Shout in the summer of 2013 coaching Junior 2 and Junior 3. This experience would take him across the country, leading teams to compete on very prestigious stages such as Champion’s League, Cheersport, Summit, NCA Dallas, etc.

“I was blessed to be given opportunities in coaching at a very competitive level at a young age.”

Dustin has worked as a choreographer for multiple programs across the country, as well as outside of the country, contributing to innovative choreography awards at levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. He has also worked hand in hand with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, from attending and leading stations at Hot Shots Camp, to being a guest instructor at multiple private camps across the country.

“Dustin is not only a creative professional, but also a charismatic person with our kids and staff.” -Erick Siles, Owner Global Elite Cheer and Dance, Costa Rica

Dustin believes in a very technical approach to training cheerleading. He believes in a cohesive training plan that facilitates success across all areas in our sport. Although Dustin has contributed to multiple prestigious titles, he believes winning is bi-product of doing it right. He believes that our youth have so much to gain from the lessons learned in competitive sports, and wants families to know that our sport is an inclusive one that welcomes and has a spot for everyone. Come in and meet Dustin today!


Lorenzo Araujo – Coach

Lorenzo Araujo started his cheer career at Bethany College, his sophomore year. At Bethany College he participated in Cheer for the Basketball season. It was at Bethany College that Coach Zo discovered the uniqueness of the sport and the relevance that being a part of a successful team plays in the self-development of a person. Coach Zo’s proudest moment while attending Bethany was when him and his team won the 2010 COA National Championship. 

It was at this point that he decided that he wasn’t done with the sport and decided to get pursue his Master’s Degree at Kansas Wesleyan University. At Kansas Wesleyan he met his Mentor Dave Almeida that introduce Lorenzo to All-Star Cheerleading and the subtle differences between College Cheer and All-Star Cheer. 

Coach Zo began his coaching career at the Salina YMCA as a spotter for the upper level gymnasts. From there Lorenzo worked his way up to a tumbling coach, and finally promoted to the Gymnastics Coach for the Upper Level Team. Concurrently, he also started coaching the tumbling class at the Ottawa Dance Company.

That small tumbling class transformed into Cheer Fire All-Stars. Cheer Fire started in Minneapolis, Ks with a team of 8 athletes. Moving to Salina in 2013, Cheer Fire grew and expanded. In December 2014, Coach Zo took over as the owner of Cheer Fire and finished the season competing at a high level. In May of 2015 the gym was re-branded into Fierce Athletics and Training.

“I love having the ability to positively affect lives and help athletes see their full potential.” –Coach Zo

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